LT84 - New Longturn game starting in a few days; Royale (standard LTT) ruleset

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LT84 - New Longturn game starting in a few days; Royale (standard LTT) ruleset

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The next Longturn game in line is scheduled to begin the start sequence near the end of this week. This means a few days of testing and final checkups.

Longturn is a one-turn-per-day multiplayer variant of Freeciv where the server is constantly up and you can log in and make your move whenever it suits you during the turn. A typical game usually lasts between 100 and 150 turns (days), although there have been exceptions at both ends. More detailed Intro to Longturn can be found here.

The "genre" started more than 20 years ago and our community is gathered around site and the corresponding Discord server.

LT84 will be played with more or less usual settings: free for all, continents, square tiles.

This is the 2nd game played with Royale and the power curve is logarithmic, meaning it more survivable for the new and inexperienced players. Royale has 50% smaller empire sizes. Some wonders have been changed into city wonders instead of having empire wide effect. The style of play should be more civ building instead of micro-optimizations. More specific info about this particular game is available at the signup page.

I order to join, you must register here, sign up to the game and confirm participation.

In order to play, you need to download the adjusted Freeciv21 client here (look under "assets"). Windows, Linux, Mac and some other versions available.

In order to learn more, feel free to ask questions :)
* Freeciv LongTurn, a community of one-turn-per-day players and developers
* LongTurn Blog - information nexus with stuff and stuff and stuff
* Longturn Discord server; real-time chatting, discussing, quarrelling, trolling, gaslighting...
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