trade routes in the GTK3 client

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Re: trade routes in the GTK3 client

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nef wrote: Mon Nov 07, 2022 4:13 pm There is also a configurable column in the city report (Display -> Number (and total value) of trade routes.) But the citydlg gives the extra detail.
Where is that setting? I could not find it in the client settings. I only know the map overlay, that shows trade route number on the city label.
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Re: trade routes in the GTK3 client

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You will know. The city report is shown when you select the City tab: (menu) -> Civilization->Cities (F4).

As it happens the columns you add (or subtract) are recorded in the client save file. You can also change the position using drag and drop but this is NOT saved (but it should be.)
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Re: trade routes in the GTK3 client

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cazfi wrote: Wed Nov 02, 2022 2:47 am Another "well hidden" feature are the Battle Groups.
I remember playing (a long time ago) with an old version of freeciv (possibly pre-2.2) where you could stack units and assign them a quick selection number. The stack could then be moved around and all units moving at the speed of the one having the least movement point...
Tried to remember how that was done but alas...
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