Longturn Finlandia - Suomipeli2023

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Longturn Finlandia - Suomipeli2023

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We don't usually do specific national games, but with Finland being the world superpower in some aspects, this is one exception we are willing to make.

The game starts THIS WEEKEND!

This is for those who have waited for a sequel to the previous Finnish Freeciv game played in 2011. That game ended in early 2012, a few days before LT30 was launched at Longturn. The main language for this new game is Finnish and it will be promoted in Finland. The previous Finnish game also had some international players even while most of the people were from Finland. This means that you can play even if you don't know Finnishs (also known as moontalk) but google translate might be handy.

The game will be played with the Longturn Traditional ruleset, a ruleset branch specially evolved to better fit human-only multiplayer games.

To join this game, you have to sign up before it starts and confirm participation.This is so in order to reduce the number of idlers as much as possible.

To play this game, you have to download and unpack the 2.6 client from Freeciv.org. (If you are new, it's trivial. Download, click "Install", that's it.)

Official game page for signups:

What exactly is Longturn

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here or on our Discord server.
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