Archer's tower

What would you like to see in Freeciv? Do you have a good idea what should be improved or how?
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Archer's tower

Post by Lachu »

In Call To Power 2, there is way to built Archer's tower (or with similar name). It can be build only once in city. I think, in Freeciv, there should be Archer's tower unit (not building like in Call To Power 2). Each Archer's Tower could have 1 archer as cargo. Archer's tower cannot move or attack, but archers in it could. It increase attack power of archers inside. Archer's tower should have 0 attack and 0 defense.

I think, you could instead add slots to city like in cargo, so ruleset moders could define, which building city could have and which units (also, how many).
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Re: Archer's tower

Post by Ignatus »

Ruleset options that would make it possible:
  • One unit of a type per city (for the tower);
  • Transporter influence on the cargo's attack (for the tower and the archer);
  • If it is possible to unload the archer after the attack, then, actually, there is no "only one archer per turn gets the bonus" effect, so we should have a way to test if the attack happened ("UnitState", "Moved" or "MinMoveFrags" are not universally relevant).
(1) optionally may be replaced on "one class unit per tile" (naval, land and civil units in CivV/VI work the same way). Also, if the tower is one per city, it as well may be a building, just we should have a way to see if an action "Attack from a tower" has been used in the city this turn. (3) can be done with a counter of attacks (we need it for units attacking once per turn any way). (2) seems needing some more changes in the requirement system; maybe it could have something to do with unit position layers that I have described once in the forum and requested here.
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