LT75 - First Longturn game with a new Freeciv21 client staring in five days!

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LT75 - First Longturn game with a new Freeciv21 client staring in five days!

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After a year or so of development, Freeciv21 client/server is ready for the world! A new game with LT Traditional ruleset is just about to start and, at this moment, you have five days to sign up.

LTT is a ruleset that has evolved through 20 years and more than 80 games and is specially adjusted to the longturn (one turn per day) multiplayer environment. Furthermore, the Fc21 client is also developed with this in mind so we are converging on the Perfect Setup. (Ok, we're not there yet so don't expect miracles... yet ;) )

In order to join, you should:
1. Register at
2. Sign up for the game at the LT75 game page
3. After signing up, confirm participation! (bottom of the page)
4. Download the current Fc21 client from the Github - *here* (click "Assets"; a more coherent download page is in the works and will be up shortly)

Important! Once the game starts, you can no longer join it (unless someone happens to be idle and then you may take his place, IF it is advertised).

Final testing - for the purpose of checking if everything is set up correctly, but also for players to do check how both ruleset and the client work and get some basic experience before the "official" game itself - will start on Friday. It will happen with two-minute turns and probably be reset occasionally.

Most official an unofficial communication abut the game will be happening on the LT75 channel on the Longturn Discord server so feel free to join. It is not a requirement, but it helps greatly and keeps you connected with the community.
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