Join Game #40: Great Leap Forward at FREECIV-WEB.ORG

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Join Game #40: Great Leap Forward at FREECIV-WEB.ORG

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FCW Longturn Game #40 is now up and ready to join. It's the début of the MP2-Dragoon ruleset, the fifth installment of the Multiplayer II: Evolution ruleset for massive multiplayer Freeciv Gaming.

MP2 rulesets are a collective project of expert and experienced players.

The degree of sophistication and features can be staggering at first. But our Discord will be friendly in answering questions (
Also it's the most thoroughly documented ruleset, if you like immersing in reading materials. ( ... ation_Page)

Longturn Game #40:

This game will have 32 players on a 61% landmass map of large seas, straits, and semi-isolated land-zones which all interconnect. Full diplomacy is ON. The first turn was 48 hours to give time to join. Careful micro-bonuses make for a fair game for anyone joining in the first 10 turns.

Join here: ... e=longturn
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Re: Join Game #40: Great Leap Forward at FREECIV-WEB.ORG

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Glad to help :)

Rulesets evolve best when people talk, look at the work of others and pick stuff that works for their setups.

Open source is great!
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