Where the options file is saved

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Where the options file is saved

Post by Phidippides »

I started a new game after I filled my options file. Of course I saved this options file.
Now, I don't know how to load my saved options file in order to change some option before starting a new game.
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Re: Where the options file is saved

Post by cazfi »

Which options you refer to? Client or server settings?

Client always loads its options when it's started (it's something like "~/.freeciv/freeciv-client-rc-<FREECIV VERSION>")

Server settings (file named "<MYNAME>.serv") can be read by the server commandline option "-r <PATH>/<MYNAME>.serv", or by server /read -command
> help read
Command: read - Process server commands from file.
Synopsis: read <file-name>
Level: ctrl
For the latter, it needs to be somewhere in the freeciv data path. e.g. "~/.freeciv/<DATASUBDIR>/<MYNAME>.serv", where <DATASUBDIR> is typically freeciv version number (development versions -> versions not compatible with the stable version, are an exception)
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