LT67, islands, only one winner and rough terrain

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LT67, islands, only one winner and rough terrain

Postby wieder » Mon Sep 06, 2021 1:33 am

This one is for those who want to win alone. Score based ranking is possible but the focus is on getting one single winner for this game.

Start in Sep 22nd. Ruleset is LTT (Longturn Traditional) that's a heavily modified version of Civ2Civ3. In short this is a familiar Freeciv game with a setup allowing the players to compete with multiple strategies instead of racing for a golden path. At the moment there is no known single golden path to follow. This makes the game more fun because you can actually win with a more peaceful or militaristic strategy.

Space race ending is possible, there are lots of cool buildings and some really nice units to play with. The economic model was modified to make the industrial revolution to happen before the economical one which is a major difference to most rulesets. You can also get or steal techs from the other players but with a heavy cost. That's why tech trading is not a popularity contest.

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