Yet another suggestin of realistic unit supply

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Yet another suggestin of realistic unit supply

Postby Ignatus » Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:53 pm

Probably there were other suggestions like this, but I could not recently find them, maybe they were on Discord. So, let me imagine a system where units are still supplied by food, gold and/or shields, and maybe also some other resources yet to invent, but do it in less clumsy manner with less micromanagement:
  • Units are not homed to any specific city.
  • Unsupplied unit loses some percent of hp proportional to the biggest insufficiency (e.g. Artillery 20hp costs 3 shield/1 food/5 gold, basic loss is 10%, this turn it got 2/1/2 => it loses ceil(20 * 0.1 * max(0.33333, 0, 0.6)) = 2 hp).
  • Units get supply in some range (variable due to various effects, for simplicity just map distance but maybe different for coast-to-coast supply and off for inland-to-inland-no-ports supply) from a supply source.
  • The source may be a city of domestic or allied civ (but allies only transport your own supplies without an agreement on more help), a base or a fuelling unit. Cities and bases may only use resources from those cities that are connected by roads / sea / aviation.
  • Fuelling unit (at tc) transfers its hp over 1 to units around that need it (doubles distance to a base?). Some limitations exist on what resources it provides.
  • Also, some units can fourage themselves - collect resources depleting output of a tile they are on, with a limited efficiency.
  • Cities have a tax for each resource to supply it to units (proportional unused amound goes back to them). You can lift tax in specific cities - normally no taxing production from ones building a wonder, butin other cases this action angers more taxed cities and amplifies corruption in the country.

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Re: Yet another suggestin of realistic unit supply

Postby Lachu » Sun Jan 17, 2021 4:00 pm

In Civilization 6 some units needs supply. If player can't supply unit, It combat strength get reduced.
I propose create storagehouse, where player can send caravan/cargo. Units will get combat strength bonus depending on destination to nearest storagehouse. Eventually, units may refuel in storagehouse.