[Client] Event-driven notes

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[Client] Event-driven notes

Postby Lachu » Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:54 pm

It's idea to allow remember tactic and strategy.

It solves problem of forgiving important strategic points, whereas we don't play long ago and load save game.

How it would works? Server will send events to client, unit is built for example. User could connect event list (and operator between each event) with notes.

For example:
When Warsaw build legion, when Crakov built legion and Gdańsk built legion, show note: "It's time to attack Germany" . This note will be saved in savegame and loaded, so we won't lost it.

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Re: [Client] Event-driven notes

Postby Ignatus » Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:19 pm

In my branch there is an event bound to server messages, so one can do it client-side (just you need to load a script that handles the events and not stop the client application for all events involved). Server-side, you can log many kinds of events and show messages to the players even in the mainstream branch, just you need the script loaded on the server.

There is such a thing "attribute block" that is synced between client and server, server does not interest what's there in it, but you should use similar tokens for similar attributes for all clients you connect to a game from. I didn't do anything for it in my branch because I want fully compatible protocols.