NOTIFY players of a new turn ? (mail/anything ?)

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NOTIFY players of a new turn ? (mail/anything ?)

Postby psypol » Sat May 12, 2018 4:21 pm


i'm preparing a server (on raspberry pi3) to play with friends.
i have almost everything set-up.
the last thing i would love to have is a way to notify (myself and friends) when a new turn just started and it's time to make our moves/decisions.
(new turns will be forced every ~6hours)

the only approaching option i have seen is to activate in options/"sounds" the "bell" option
also in Options/Messages to check the 3 boxes on line "Turn bell"
then look at "chat" window and there i can see "start of turn X"

Another option might be to make my debian on the raspberry pi check if a new SAVE file appeared in the save folder
this is a proof that a new turn started.
Then the trick would be with some coding (python?) to send some notification to the players (for example a mail)

Any ideas / suggestions ?