Changes in what a 3.1 ruleset can do

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Re: Changes in what a 3.1 ruleset can do

Postby cazfi » Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:27 pm

Clause types (for diplomatic treaties) can now have requirement vectors, separately for the giving party and the receiving party. The clause can be part of the treaty only of requirements are fulfilled. (Feature #768208)

Typical requirement would be that a clause type becomes available only when relevant tech is known. Currently only world and player level requirements are supported.

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Re: Changes in what a 3.1 ruleset can do

Postby sveinung » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:15 pm

Slightly increased autoattack control See hrm Feature #850212 and hrm Feature #850300

The auto_attack section's will_never unit flag list has been replaced by the new requirement vector if_attacker. The if_attacker requirement vector must be true for a unit before it even considers to auto attack. This is the opposite of will_never, that contained unit type flags of units the never would consider to auto attack.

The auto_attack section has gained attack_actions, a list of actions that will be tried during an auto attack. The actions will be checked for legality in the order they are specified. Right now all it can do is to remove or change the order of the old auto attack actions "Capture Units", "Bombard", "Attack" and "Suicide Attack".

You can now define a user unit type flag AutoAttacker rather than just NotAnAutoAttacker and give it to anti air units that fires on any plane that moves to an adjacent tile.
You can now limit autoattack to only do "Capture Units".