Ocean resources

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Ocean resources

Postby dunnoob » Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:51 pm

Something that should be easy (otherwise ignore it, please): I like tiny islands and poles connecting continents, there are options for this, they work, so this is fine. But to see the effect of ocean_resources=1 I have to clone a complete ruleset, because there is no option for it. Background, it's odd enough that we eat whales and the ivory of apparently extinct (in classic/default rulesets) seals.

A map generator creating lots of whales stranded and dying at the coast is just too much. With ocean_resources=1 at least some whales can live surrounded by water, and a few whales unreachable even from coastal cities are no big issue; it might even inspire big terraforming projects :-) It's also a very welcome surprise if a new coastal city finds whales in its city radius. So if you get around to it please add a map generator (server) option for the existing and working ocean_resources setting.

Related wish: The map generator could create resources for plains, forests, or grassland on terrain that initially is something else. Sooner or later everything without river or special resources will end up as farm (plains or grassland), it could be nice to detect some "hidden" resources in this process.

Third and last for now: Flattening mountains via hills to plains is relatively fast in comparison with terraforming glacier via tundra and desert to plains. Vague idea, keep that as is for a new "irrigation" instead of "transform" for glaciers, and add a new "transform" for coastal glaciers allowing a conversion to lake/ocean (same procedure and constraints as for the swamp to lake/ocean transformation.)