Better Waste and Corruption explanation

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Better Waste and Corruption explanation

Postby Caedo » Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:38 pm

Due to some confusion over how corruption is calculated in this thread, I believe it would be useful to
  • Add a page describing how output waste works to the Economy section of the help browser
  • Change the "Corruption" and "Waste" entries in the city info box to display the actual corruption/waste percentage instead of the processed value, e.g. "Corruption: 52%" instead of "Corruption: 5" (for a city with 9 trade)
  • Upon clicking the number in the info box, display a proper breakdown of the value, including Output_Waste and Output_Waste_By_Distance, as well as Output_Waste_Pct effects (and any others introduced in the future) that affect the total corruption/waste value

Also, once the actual way corrution is calculated is made clear to the average player, the autogenerated help for governments could change to be less vague, e.g.

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* Trade production will suffer 37% losses.
* Trade losses will increase with distance from capital by 4 percentage points per tile.
~ A.V. L.