to make tech trees simpler

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to make tech trees simpler

Postby meynaf » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:09 pm

This is just food for thoughts, not exactly a request.

Sometimes one of req1/req2 is useless because the other already needs it indirectly.
Maybe removing a few lines out of a somehow convoluted tech tree would make it a little more readable ?

Known list of duplicate dependencies (as of civ2/classic, found in 2.5.x) :
The Republic : Code of Laws already in Literacy
Mass Production : The Corporation already in Automobile
Fusion Power : Nuclear Power already in Superconductors
Superconductors : Nuclear Power already in Laser
Laser : Mass Production already in Nuclear Power
Plastics : Refining already in Space Flight

Note : duplicates removed in civ2civ3 except for The Republic.
Other note : there are even more useless dependencies in civ1.

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Re: to make tech trees simpler

Postby Caedo » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:46 pm

For civ1 and civ2, the goal is to accurately recreate the original Civilization and Civilization II games, so any requirements that were present in those games are here to stay.

Apart from that – whenever there is tech trading, it is possible to get one tech but not its prerequisite from another player, so if you e.g. trade someone for Automobile, you'll still have to research The Corporation before being able to research Mass Production.

The only cases in which a requirement like that really is unnecessary is when (a) it is already present in cumulative root_reqs, or (b) the ruleset doesn't allow holes in the tech tree.