Building Qt-client on Manjaro

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Building Qt-client on Manjaro

Postby cazfi » Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:40 pm

I promised in IRC that I would test building freeciv Qt-client on Manjaro linux. Here is how I got it working. I build in directory "freeciv" under my home directory, i.e., $HOME/freeciv/. The resulting binaries are installed to $HOME/freeciv/install-2.5.10/bin/ ( -> Qt-client is $HOME/freeciv/install-2.5.10/bin/freeciv-qt )

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> sudo pacman -Su gcc
> sudo pacman -Su make
> cd $HOME
> mkdir freeciv
# At this point, download freeciv-2.5.10.tar.bz2 from to $HOME/freeciv
> tar xjf freeciv-2.5.10.tar.bz2
> mkdir build-2.5.10
> cd build-2.5.10
> ../freeciv-2.5.10/configure --prefix=$HOME/freeciv/install-2.5.10 --enable-debug --enable-client=qt --enable-fcmp=qt
> make
> make install