Win 7 Sound Problems

You can get help here if Freeciv doesn't start on your computer, or if you keep getting fatal errors while playing etc.
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Re: Win 7 Sound Problems

Postby cazfi » Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:58 pm

Arbogast wrote:* During the Turn Done cycle, on 2.4.4. You could hear cheers when something good happens. On 2.5.0 the cheers are mute.
* While exploring, when you find some gold you hear a nice yell and if you find a tech advance then it's the cheers you hear. Not so with 2.5.0.
Thanks for your quick answer.

The first one would be event about city celebrating ("freesounds/events/e_city_love-76511.ogg"), the hut ones ("freesounds/events/e_huts-57204.ogg") and tech also tech gained ("freesounds/events/e_tech_learned-36161.ogg").

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Re: Win 7 Sound Problems

Postby Arbogast » Fri Apr 03, 2015 2:34 pm

Thanks dear friend!!!
(It may take me years to figure this out, but I'll die trying...)

... and what about Default3 for 2.5.0?

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Re: Win 7 Sound Problems

Postby Caedo » Fri Apr 03, 2015 2:47 pm

Arbogast wrote:... and what about Default3 for 2.5.0?

You should ask directly in the Default3+ Ruleset thread.
Oh wait, I think you have me blocked for some arbitrary reason or something. I guess someone needs to relay this information to him.