Need graphics help for BIG ruleset

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Need graphics help for BIG ruleset

Postby ahfretheim » Thu May 22, 2014 5:30 pm

I intend on building a new ruleset for giant, long games with many (20 or more) players and huge maps in the near future. It will have the same essential rules as the default, but will have a much longer tech tree, new units, wonders and buildings (primarily in the late modern and futuristic direction), and several new kinds of government. I'm going to build the ruleset myself, but I've realized that I'm going to need a lot of graphics and icons for the new things I'm adding, and making computer art is not something I'm especially good at. As such, I'm including a list of items I need here, and we can converse by private message or on this thread if you are interested in making one or more of these.

New Government types (need icons):

+ Theocracy
+ Imperialism (maybe that crazy German officers helmet Bismarck wore)
+ Ecotopia
+ Fascism (maybe, I'm still deciding whether or not to do that one)
+ Mind Control State (maybe, I'm still deciding whether or not to do that one)

New units:

+ Jet Fighter
+ Jet Bomber
+ Nuclear Sub (faster, better defense)
+ Nuclear Carrier (faster, more storage)
+ Railgun (ultimate artillery unit)
+ Trimaran Cruiser* (fast ship with strength against air units)
+ Littoral Combat Ship* (fast, cheap, trimaran ship)
+ Robotic tank (better defense against air units, and somewhat better in general)
+ Cyborg (infantry with wide range of vision, faster healing and better defense against air units)
+ Ranger (combined paratrooper and alpine troop with stronger attack)
+ Ecoterrorist (ultimate spy unit)

*A good picture of a Trimaran haul in a naval context can be found here: ... ped%29.jpg

New city improvements:

+ Regional Distribution Center (very big warehouse)
+ Horticulture Lab
+ Consultants
+ Financial District
+ Concert Venue
+ Scientific Journal
+ Cinema
+ Micromanufactuerers (very small factories that a person could start in their garage)
+ Container Port (large seaport cranes)
+ Video Games
+ Cell Phones
+ Hypergate (part of Wormhole system - replaces Starship)
+ Fusion Dome (part of Wormhole system - replaces Starship)
+ Time Reader (part of Wormhole system - replaces Starship)
+ Space Manipulator (part of Wormhole system - replaces Starship)

New wonders:

+ Tesseract Project (Replacement for Apollo Program)
+ Hollywood
+ Silicon Valley
+ The Alamo
+ The Bouchart Gardens
+ Rotterdam Harbor (Completely automated port)
+ Toyota Production System
+ Asteroid Mining
+ Burj El Arab

I'll add more as I think of more or find that I need more while developing the ruleset, but this should be it for now.