Lexxie / Epiphany from FCW making weird claims

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Lexxie / Epiphany from FCW making weird claims

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What is this? This is a series of posts from FCW discord making false claims and personal attacks.

Attacking like that towards lt.net and the people mentioned is not ok.

Epiphany — Today at 8:58 AM
For a long time, it was hard. We tried to support fciv.net in spite of many problems to it.
Many accused him of being pro-hitler but just as many argued he was a fanboy of Stalin
We would say, perhaps he just enjoys war games with authoritarian personalities
Andreas was the prime impetus to FCW but as most of us know
He did not have any standard against cheating, or ethics
Or quitting games on players in the middle of 3 months
It is only for this reason that FCW was founded... with a little interlude
Zoltan was an expert player, developer, and hacker.
The first time Andreas pulled the plug on all games and left players with nothing,
the community rose up and said, this is open source, can't we do it without this autocracy
Zoltan, also known as Zekoz, a serbian-american working in Santa Clara california with IP address <.................
decided he will do the worst thing ever to freeciv and got himself banned from all upstream accounts and every other account
but especially his allies at www.lt.net
were behind him 1000%
You see, after FCW became democratic and wanted to end the cheaters
some people got mad
In politics they say you can have strange bedmates
I don't think LT.net loves cheaters?! who can say
Epiphany — Today at 9:06 AM
they devoted enormous amount of energy into supporting this cheater
the good news is that it's 3 years today, that our efforts to ban and stop them are still effective
if you want to know more about how the crystal diamond-hard ethics of FCW were born
you can ask anyone who was around their opinion, or just talk in chat
FCW remains committed to some standards.
Everyone can ask a #question, we always work harder on documentation, and we do not allow hacky cheaters
Epiphany — Today at 10:48 AM
2018 was a time when the server operator was the GM as the same time and was LUA- scripting himself 2000 cruise missiles when he got mad at someone
this is a stain on the name but not on our name, we were born in a different name
and we turned against everyone who ever supported this
and this includes lt.net which chose politics instead of ethics
they went 1000% into supporting zoltan the cheater
well i don't know how to respond to it, it's a little bit a shock but a lot of faith , faith in the fact people want a stable, clean, honest platform that has none of those toilet games
Is it just claims no, I can get a witness into here
when zoltan backed by lt.net, the cheater alliance
was screaming mad that the people player communiry of freeciv wanted self determination
and was really figuring out what happens when an unethical ego-cheater is being GM and playing game at same time with admin powers
like duh
at this same time that he invaded our G19 with over 7 multi-accounts, our intel-ops exposed him as being in direct cooperation with @wieder-fi of lt.net, what this means is @wieder-fi of lt.net is an unethical cheater you can't trust, ever
in the most extravagant anti-competivive cheater.net operation of all times
if u can even believe it, this guy wieder screamed and holler at his banning for cheating
Epiphany — Today at 10:55 AM
and the whole tribe did too "how can u even do this about such a well - known and respected figure"
i'm sorry but, we had the direct evidence of cheating right on the server with wieder's named signed like a finger print and how zoltan/zekov helped him
it's arguable they tried to create a cheat scandal to our server by doing it here, while at same time being angels on their own
but i would ask
do u believe it?
anyway, i don't
so they had to be banned
now there was a second chance for them in the peace agreement
to not do black ops are bad moves against each other and just live in peace
this cease-fire negotiated under the witness of cazfi himself, the great maintainer for over 20 years of all freeciv open source code
well you can guess how it went
usual thing of secret attacks with "plausible deniablility" it wasn't me!
do we attack their server? how can u trust us when we say we don't
well let's look at it, they never even claim we attack them, that's because we never did!
i'm sorry but what kind of middle school age 11 school are we in, possibly turkmenistakn or something
don't pretend to be some white knight soldier of open source purity, like a crusader who only had the holy wine of christ from the grail
when you're ahtiest working for the devil
Epiphany — Today at 11:02 AM
unfortunately my april newsletter to the community is this kind of thing
because it's true and you need to know without the secrets
we got people like them , if i'm 2 hours later in doing an open source exposure
crying screaming about open source violation for 2 hours
while on their end
they secretly plot and micro-manage how they can legally navigate a GPL2 to GPL3 transition to BLOCK open source compatibility to their project
look in a way i don't care
but every so often i have to let u know the crazy birds are still flying around the trees
be aware
trust your feelings, talk to people, both sides
see what u see
Epiphany — Today at 11:13 AM
at FCW we believe to ignore crazy people and keep doing what we think is right, and to accept input from smart people to learn better what is right
but especially from this past history, we are strictly against cheaters, hackers, all allies of those people, and this includes lt.net
thanks for understanding the position
everyone should know who APPEARS to be ally to these people on our server now
@daavko and @Corbeau (eLTistissimus) and possibly others
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Re: Lexxie / Epiphany from FCW making weird claims

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Everything got deleted.
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