Tileset for Alien World ruleset

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Re: Tileset for Alien World ruleset

Postby Blake00 » Sat Oct 24, 2020 5:33 pm

cazfi wrote:No, the SLalien tileset was never released to the public, for I didn't even try to chase art authors to put their work under GPL license. The isohex tileset alio is the only alien ruleset compatible tileset there currently is.

No worries, thanks for getting back to me @cazfi . Darn, that's a shame. I'm making a huge Civ mod youtube series for my retro gaming website and channel and wanted to feature your work as that screenshot blew me away. I probably still will as what I got working still looks pretty cool. Wanna make your work look as good as I can so it would be great if I could replace the ancient roman cities on the alien world. I've been getting into Civ2 and Civ3 total conversion modding but I'm a total noob with FreeCiv modding.

Oh and as for those authors half the terrain in that screenshot is ripped from Microproses's Civ2ToT Lalande 21185 scenario so there may have been some authors you didn't need permission from as it wasn't theirs to begin with haha, although of course using licensed Civ graphics (I guess Firaxis own Test of Time even though they don't sell it) in a opensource fan game mod would net you a whole other big problem I suppose lol.
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