LT50: a 23h/turn warclient style multiplayer game signups open

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LT50: a 23h/turn warclient style multiplayer game signups open

Postby wieder » Sun Sep 22, 2019 4:51 pm

Our 18+ year old community is planning to start a new game.'

Sign up here:

The new game is played in 23h turns. A regular single player game is usually played between 2 players - the human player and AI simulating several nations. When you play games it's usually 20-30 humans competing, forming alliances and making some deals by actually chatting with the other players. Some of the games had 70+ players and up to 126 is possible. Usually about 20% of the players can win together. That makes it competitive but not unfair with massive alliances.

The rules are adjusted for multiplayer meaning most wonders can be built by anyone, tech exchange is not a popularity contest, caravans are fixed and moves + map size are 2x so that there is more to do.

For LT50 you need a native client for Freeciv 2.6 (available for linux, macos and windows) and maybe 5-10 minutes a day. You can move any time you want.

There is also this discord link for talking about stuff and stuff