Degrade to field and degrade when fields of building

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Degrade to field and degrade when fields of building

Postby Lachu » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:45 pm

I propose to add two new fields to building and improvements:
1. Degrade to
Defines, to which building convert building, when event fired
2. Degrade when
Defines event, which convert building. Can be used multiple times

I propose one event - capturing tile.
This could be also understood by AI, because we use fixed set of events and disallow to write scripts (especially with multiple condition statement for example)

One use cases:
Player can build city walls or fort.
When city with city walls was conquered, we degrade city walls to injured city walls. When city is conquered again. we convert city walls to broken city walls. When city with broken city walls was conquered, we convert broken city walls to destroyed city walls. Each worse stadium will decrease defense bonus, so it should slowdown invasion, but player, who lost city, will be more polite and will try to get this city back in treaty instead of conquer. Why? Because each time city was conquered, it should been simpler to conquer. To get city walls back, player must build city walls, which automatically sell injured/broken/destroyed city walls for 0 gold (0 production).

When fort is conquered, it will be converted to fortress. In this case player could simple use workers to convert fortress into fort.

Keep in mind, conquering even tile with improvement/building without protector will degrade building. That occurs, because I imagine city and fort always have protectors. City, for example, have citizens, who will protect city.