Citizen like and loyality in płacę of ai love

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Citizen like and loyality in płacę of ai love

Postby Lachu » Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:50 am

I don't like ai love effect, because it is useless on games without ai.

In płacę of it I suggest to provide four new effect:
1. Citizen love
2. Citizen loyality add
3. Loyality to happieness
4. Citizen love go to def

First one will add point people of player loves other player. Secound could be used to inc/dec loyalty, when player will declare war to somebody Citizen love. Thjrth convert loyalty to happieness. Lastl will Mark how mamy love point per turn will be add od reduced, depending it's negative or possitive.

There should also exists four new req:
1. Like max
2. Like min
3. Loyalty max
4. Loyalty min