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Re: Freeciv Longturn Web - The gossip section

Postby Butters » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:21 pm

I thought I might be best to remain quiet and things would work out . Also out of fear that if I speak out I could be banned from the game or at least, an alliance formed to remove me from the current games and make it hard to play future ones. I have decided to share a few things from my point of view for public discussion and comment, even if it results in banning, slandering, name calling or other types retaliation.

I've only been playing a few months and had no idea of what i was getting into. So far i have been insulted, plotted against, threatened, accused of cheating and probably a few other things.
This goes way beyond role-playing by insulting a player you are at war with, or establishing and embassy someone doesn't want.

I know people are going to ask "why didn't you report this to an administrator" (in private too). Well it's because i believe one or more of the admin and/or those close to them are part of the problem and it would result in nothing getting done or more of the things i mentioned above.

Lexxie is not Innocent, she has played her part own part in all this... she accuses me of cheating...

Lexxie said: how dare u say i'm butters u know damn well corbeau is butters

she threatens me and others....
Lexxie said: ok i'm so irritated, obviously u said this about me
others said wow , kept supporting him just because an ally..i said yeah...i told it all... we care about u...
if u want to play papa evil. we will do it
corby will be the first to go this way, rhymes with way, no way, doesn't rhyme with way
any way....i'm allowed to denigrate u 3x for everything u say against me....

lexxie wrote: i would have killed u already...u want it like this ????? ? ?? ? ? i noticed u do, u want a fight, you are going to do a victimplogy fight on me. ok fine... drama time goes uptown again
this is the 24th time u owe me without sayin thanks btw, 25 i am going allah akbhar on u. let me know. ooooooooooooooooooooolahahalahalhalhalahha ...instantly evident and instantly advisors recommend at least one hard pput-down, to make the dog stop

lexxie wrote: 1. do not ever mess with someone who you should maybe ask to be your queen. 2. lots of other things, but see 1. 3. duh, see 1

she insults me...
lexxie wrote: .....u had like 3 ugly gfs in your life....Every single peace attempt we reach or offer with "Garan/corbeau" is reached back with hostile and "i'm smarter tha n u , idiot " i mean who cares. i know u feel insulted and hot about it but he wants it. Butters is proposing love to all good people and instant death to bad, how should we organise a vote....ok means nothing, as we know, slander war you vs. me

and after all this she tries to rally other players against me.

As said before others have complained about her behavior( and others) and nothing has been done...
From the list multi-accounters (and don't forget lexxie is on that list and is probably drdogbot among others) .....
sasak wrote: She was sending many abusive messages to me since then, even 20-30 per turn. In last turn she was even threataning my real life. So she must banned even for that

she deletes messages that she doesn't like or may show her in a bad light (Or has an admin do it for her).
If that wont work she resorts to intimidation. (threatening those that may use her messages to report her behavior with copy right law)

Free-civ web is a great game and even after all this i still want to play. It isn't multi accounting ruining the game for me but other peoples behavior, which continues to go un-moderated and unpunished.

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Re: Freeciv Longturn Web - The gossip section

Postby Corbeau » Fri May 10, 2019 9:08 pm

Community news continuing under the slogan "The Public has a Right To Know Even If They Couldn't Care Less" :)

It seems that no matter how small and insignificant communities are, there will always be people willing to create bad blood and fragment it even more. The current state of affairs is as follows:

It is impossible to announce any news regarding on Freeciv Web community pages because they get instantly deleted. Also, some key people from are banned at Freeciv Web Discord channel. Why, you ask? That's a very good question and a moderately interesting story. It seems that FCW people (I counted three of them) are convinced that LT people are there to abuse, harm and destroy FCW. No, don't ask me, I don't know either. They are welcome to explain it. I'm sure it will be... extensive.