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Postby Lexxie » Fri May 10, 2019 4:45 am

New Longturn game starting NOW

This is a web game. The link takes you right to it:

Longturn Game #20:

23 hours per turn – first turn 72 hours
Multiplayer-Plus ruleset

General Description:

Your tribe will find itself on a vast continent of 20000 tiles (200x100) world map with 78% land and 22% water (lakes). It will feature 60 nations, and average 260 land tiles per player (approx. 16x16 tiles per nation).

This continent wraps the entire globe east-to-west. Land warfare will be prominent. Players will have room to establish a moderately sized kingdom before coming into hostile or cooperative relations with neighbours.

Specific Settings:
Game is now Active: 23 hours/turn, 72 hour turn #1.
Turn #2 occurs 8pm Sunday 2019.5.12 PST (Monday 5h00 2019.05.12 CET (approx.)

Ruleset: Freeciv Multiplayer-Plus
Longturn “double moves” for units & tasks help accelerate the pace in the 23 hour format
Trade routes are off and Marco Polo is factored to substitute for extra trade.
Max Players: 60.
Players: Human only. AI only for nations split by Civil War.
Late-join: Players may join on any turn and receive +10 gold per turn they were absent. This makes an equitable start for nations joining in the first T12 turns or so. Maximum late-join gold is 700.
Topology: WrapX (east-west continuity)
Map Size: 20 000 tiles / 200x100 tiles / 260 land tiles per player
Generator: “Fully random height'
Beginning Units: 3 settlers, 3 workers, 2 explorers (cccwwwwxx)
Special Resource Setting: 350 special resources per 1000 tiles (standard for longturn multiplayer)
Dispersion: 2. Units of unclaimed nations will be partly stacked and partly isolated.
Revolution Length: 1 (fixed).
Victory Conditions: Single Player or Allied Victory. Space Race = OFF.
Diplomacy: Allowed between Humans for Embassies, Gold trade, Tech trade. City trade=OFF.
Other: Multi-accounting is detectable, forbidden, and will result in being expelled from the game.

Multiplayer manual:
Upgrades in Multiplayer+:

Full settings file can be found here:

Freeciv-web Discord chat community:

Direct link to join the game:

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Postby Corbeau » Fri May 10, 2019 6:57 am

A new unofficial Longturn game is planned to start on May 25th, more or less. It will be played with Simulation ruleset that had its premiere in LT42, the longest running LT game that I know of (it's still running). The Simulation v2.0 is, most importantly, bug-fixed, but also with some minor improvements.

A comprehensive Simulation ruleset v1.0 manual can be found here.
A very raw list of changes from v1.0 to v2.0 can be found here. This will be slightly updated before the game begins and a comprehensive "manual" for v2.0 will be compiled.

IMPORTANT! This is effectively a test game so it is possible that some fixes will be implemented during the game. However, it will be done in a way as not to spoil gameplay (prior announcement at least a few days before the change). Keep this in mind if you find a discrepancy between the declared rules and a feature you found in the ruleset or realised it is implemented in the game: do not count on that feature being there forever.

The plan is that this ruleset is used for an official LT48 game that should start in autumn.

How to join

I will be adding players manually so contact me either here in this thread, or send me a PM or this forum, or send me a PM on Discord (Corbeau#1331) or contact me "publicly" via any of the Discord Freeciv servers:
(preferably the first one)

For those who haven't encountered Simulation ruleset until now, here is a short summary:

This ruleset is drastically different from other rulesets that are currently in play and shared around the community. There is a wide collection of changes ranging from city growth and management, government features, to war and unit upkeep. Here is a short list of the most important changes:
- cities start with minimal working areas (4 tiles only) and grow with size and improvements
- units are cheaper to build, but much more expensive to upkeep
- unit upkeep does not depend on government
- there is a class of units (archers, catapults, cannons etc.) with “Bombarder” property: when they attack, they damage the defenders, can’t kill, but in return, do not receive damage
- granary levels are changed: now small cities grow faster and large cities grow slower
- spontaneous migration is enabled; population will occasionally move from from smaller and less developed cities into larger and more developed ones if they are close by
- no civil war; unhappiness does not depend on empire size
- corruption depends on distance from the capital; waste depends on tech level only
- veteran levels are reshuffled: there are more of them and they increase unit strength mostly by 10%. Also, they are acquired by more improvements, but also some governments

Victory conditions

Victory will be determined by in-game scores at the moment the endgame conditions are met. It is not yet decided what exactly those will be, but it is extremely likely that they will look something like this.
* Freeciv LongTurn, a community of one-turn-per-day players and developers
* Longturn blog!
* Longturn Discord server; real-time chatting, discussing, quarrelling, trolling, gaslighting...