Open Source Master of Magic HD Multiplayer Remake

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Open Source Master of Magic HD Multiplayer Remake

Postby Blake00 » Fri Jun 07, 2019 5:57 pm

If there's any good old Master of Magic fans lurking in these forums I've recently made a video (as part of a up and coming Civ related games in HD series) touring what I feel is the best MoM fan project out there called Master of Magic – Implode’s Multiplayer Edition, a brilliant Open Source Java MoM engine rebuild that supports larger maps, up to 14 players (either Human or AI), and any modern resolution like HD 4K etc. The only it's missing is AI and some good bug fixing and polishing.

Image Image Image Image

Although sadly it's creator Implode has gone AWOL and the project has been inactive for a while now.. :(

But hopefully one day he'll return to it, or someone else will finish what he started due to it being opensource...


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