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Postby nef » Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:17 pm

The idea that I had for feature 697700 and '703 is to handle city based autosettlers in a separate tab (settings would do). In this tab one could select for 4 (say) priority levels where auto settlers would be required (for any one tile) to complete the activities in order. In addition to the usual suspects one could also have 'do not traverse' and 'no standing' orders (per tile). One or other of these would fix '703 and various other problems such as '699. This just leaves '702 which is separate issue since it would also apply to auto settlers more generally.

The concept I had was that one would select a priority level, right click the tile in the city map and choose the order. Some other variations could be considered but this is consistent with the current paradigm chosen for fc2.6. One addition option (buttton) could be to advance all levels if all orders from the top level are complete.

Finally I could add another bug: autosettlers seem to pay no attention to the time it takes to get from one job to the next. They will happily traverse any terrain (including ferries, and hostile territory). This is a general problem but could be partly solved for city autosettlers by having another button 'return to THIS city center when idle' this also being an explicit fix for '699. If all this makes sense could we perhaps combine '699, '700, '703 (but not '702)?