is freeciv a 32-bit app? will it run on macOS 10.15+?

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is freeciv a 32-bit app? will it run on macOS 10.15+?

Postby zippydan » Sat Mar 28, 2020 3:06 am

1. Is freeciv a 32-bit-only app? Judging by the Windows binary file names that all contain "win32", I assume the answer is "yes"?
2. Will freeciv run on macOS 10.15 and above? macOS Catalina has removed all support for 32bit apps, and assuming that freeciv is 32-bit, then I assume the answer is "no"?
3. Is there any way to compile freeciv as a 64-bit app? If not, is there any plan to "upgrade" freeciv to support 64-bit-only OS?

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Re: is freeciv a 32-bit app? will it run on macOS 10.15+?

Postby Caedo » Sat Mar 28, 2020 8:11 am

Currently (i.e. up to Freeciv 2.6, the current stable release), Windows builds are made against msys1, and only 32-bit binaries are available. There are (somewhat experimental) 64-bit Windows binaries occasionally being built and uploaded by cazfi over here (more info in this thread). The plan is that, starting from Freeciv 3.0, all windows builds will be made against msys2, which allows 64-bit builds.

For macOS, I can't offer any personal experience, but you can try the different possibilities described on the Install-MacOSX wiki page; if the installer package and homebrew version are both 32-bit only, I'm afraid you'll have to build it yourself. The Freeciv source code fully supports building 64-bit binaries. For building on mac, you'll want to check out the corresponsing wiki article. Note that it might be a bit outdated in some places, so there'll likely be a bit of trial and error involved. Zekoz also got some things to work; he hasn't been active in a while though.

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Re: is freeciv a 32-bit app? will it run on macOS 10.15+?

Postby cazfi » Wed Apr 22, 2020 5:36 am

In Windows world, win32 builds work both on 32bit and 64bit OS. Win64 builds work only on 64bit OS. So most projects still release win32 builds to support both 32bit and 64bit OS. Like Caedo said, as of freeciv-2.6 our official Windows build environment only support win32 builds. New Windows build system supporting win64 builds is experimental in freeciv-2.6 and will be the official one in freeciv-3.0.

On Linux side freeciv has been available in 64bit version from, what.... 2006? (that's when I bought my first 64bit PC and fixed the couple of issues with it in freeciv). I'd be surprised to find out that anyone has done 32bit setups in unixy environments (such as OSX) in recent years.