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Re: R.I.P Not responding.

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:38 am
by nef
36. Two deflua "hut enter" problems referred to (plus another):

36a. There is no consolation prize for no tech. No drama so don't panic.

36b. "type" is a Lua function of some value to a programmer. The abuse of "type" such as in _deflua_hut_get_mercenaries and _deflua_hut_get_barbarians should be deprecated.

36c. Also, while testing I noticed that "random" returns values that are still float not integer as is now possible in the current release of Lua. This causes no obvious problems in the Lua script itself, but it may indicate that the time has come to take a look. I notice that in civ2civ3 the usual paradigm is to use random (1,100). Is this just personal preference or was there more significance to this choice?

An oversight; add to my list of talking points:
    Various flavors of "nothing", "frighten" or "normal" could have individual profiles based on "unit" - not just unit type. In particular, you could use user or system defined unit flags, other aspects of the unit or unit class (such as rule_name). Local/nearby terrain, extras etc., presence and details of units nearby. I could even provide code for multiple hut types (right now in fc2.6.0). Piece of cake to change the code to suit whatever you want. Ask if you have an idea but are not completely confident as to coding.