Caravans / Wonder bug

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Caravans / Wonder bug

Postby Lexxie » Wed May 30, 2018 9:33 pm

Hello, we are experiencing a problem with Freeciv Web which I believe is running the latest version of freeciv server.

1. Caravans do not ask "Help Build Wonder" when arriving in a city, nor does this option show in the menu. Nor does pressing B make it work. Disbanding the Caravan only contributes half shields, so this is not a workaround.

2. The cost of building Wonders changed from 4 gold / remaining shield to 2 gold / remaining shield. This exaggerates the balance of power further toward trade-based economies (Republic, Democracy) who have more gold and less production (unit upkeep), while further disadvantaged production-based economies (Monarchy, Fundamentalism, Despotism), who have more production (capital bonus, bonus for units with no upkeep).

We don't know if these two are related issues or two separate issues. However, they are threatening to seriously disrupt a longturn game that has been many months going on, so we hope to resolve them. Any information to help know where to look for fixing this, would be greatly appreciated.

Much appreciated! ;)

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Re: Caravans / Wonder bug

Postby Caedo » Thu May 31, 2018 5:50 am

As for (1) – that is already fixed in master (commit 02e9317), just not yet included in Web.
As for (2) – has been reported as hrm #756718.
~S.C. L.