Qt Issues. (1 major, 2 minor)

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Qt Issues. (1 major, 2 minor)

Postby GriffonSpade » Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:48 am

1) Unit upkeep window is too short on Trident ruleset. It should be 12 pixels taller, at least (15 from the very bottom of the image in trident)
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2) Current unit production causes eye strain when the status bar is behind the text due to the contrasting background. The text should probably get a combination of larger/bolded and maybe an outline.
eyestrain.png (9.77 KiB) Viewed 1512 times

3) Unable to use 'goto and build city' command whenever 'build city' command is unavailable even if it might be desirable, namely when within the citymindist of another city or out of moves.