New Longturn Game at FCW with Exciting New Features all brought together

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New Longturn Game at FCW with Exciting New Features all brought together

Postby Lexxie » Sat Feb 22, 2020 5:28 pm

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Unrated Experimental Longturn Game #3:

Regicide in a
Wildly Random World

23 hours per turn – first turn 48 hours
Multiplayer II-Evolution ruleset

General Description:
Your tribe wakes up somewhere in a wild world that's 75% land and 25% water. 40 tribes inhabit the planet.
For the first time in a FCW game, elements eliminated from multiplayer ruleset have a reunion together in re-balanced form:
• Huts (smaller impact)
• Barbarians (turn 50+)
• Trade Routes (1 per foreign city, simple formula)
• Spaceship (6.25x build cost, 2.25x travel time)
• Tech Leak (40%)
• Tech Holes removed
• Leader unit: (This is you! If you die, you lose!)
• New Wonder! Agōgē of Sparta

This is the first FCW game with UWT 2.0! (UWT delays certain actions to prevent “double acting at Turn change”, which can be unfair for a one-turn-per-day game.) UWT 2.0 is a major upgrade over 1.0 to playability and User Experience:
• UWT never cancels an action, but always delays it. (Making 44% of the turn actionable again.)
• GOTO will delay, not cancel, and has instant message linking to delayed units which shows with an hourglass.
• Shift-G (TC-Delay Goto) can be used in combination with UWT-Delay Goto, to cover all cases and desired orders, in a single login.
• Fortify delay is 2 hours – promoting safety of moves for 91.3% of the turn; yet removing the “insta-fortified invader” exploit.
• Tile improvements and pillaging will delay by UWT and finish mid-turn after 10 hour UWT expires.

This planet has re-balanced resource types. Players on the edges no longer suffer the disadvantage found in other games. Confusing solutions like WRAPY's crazy torus-planet are no longer needed.

About the Multiplayer-II Evolution Ruleset:
MP2 is the long-awaited upgrade for multiplayer Freeciv: over two years in the making with countless contributors. It is radically improved with 80+ new features. Yet it has kept the basic DNA and best mechanics of the original rules. This means you'll feel familiar with it, yet also have the excitement of a superior and revolutionary new game. It takes advantage of years of new Freeciv features and upgrades that never found their way into any releases! Link: Multiplayer II Game Manual.

Specific Settings:
Game is Active: 23h/turn, 10-turn FAIR START: joining in the first 10 turns is mathematically balanced by latejoin gold bonus.
Max Players: 40. Human only. AI only for nations split by Civil War.
Map: 75% land, 25% water, 150x120, WrapX (east-west continuity)
Beginning Units: 1 leader, 3 settlers, 3 workers, 2 explorers, 1 caravan
Revolution Length: 1 (fixed).
Victory Conditions: Single Player or Allied Victory. Space Race = ON.
Diplomacy: Cease-fire & Peace possible without Embassy. Gold/Tech/Vision/Alliance require Embassy. City trade=OFF.
Other: Multi-accounting is detectable, forbidden, and will result in being expelled from the game.

link: Freeciv-Web Discord Chat

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Re: New Longturn Game at FCW with Exciting New Features all brought together

Postby Dino the Dinosore » Sat Apr 25, 2020 3:07 am

Is it possible to get access to the MP2 ruleset files? ("default.lua", "effects.ruleset", etc.)