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Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 10:12 pm
by AndreasR
cazfi wrote:
AndreasR needs to publish it's source code in a separate repository on GitHub.

That's assuming it does not use "upstream" freeciv-web as is. Freeciv-web/desktop client interoperation has been development goal (and in development) of for years.

I think the freeciv/freeciv-web repo should be a generic version of Freeciv for the web, as it is today.
We must allow for multiple Freeciv-web sites (forks) to develop in their own direction.
It seems that is focusing mostly on desktop interoperation, while not improving the html web client at all.
On the other hand, is improving the html web client, so that the native html javascript client becomes even better.

Having support for Freeciv-web/desktop client interoperation would be an excellent improvement for Freeciv-web,
and I support the work on this particular feature.

However, any other improvements to Freeciv-web should be proposed as pull-requests, so that we can discuss them.