Freeciv-Web Longturn Game 19 STARTING

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Freeciv-Web Longturn Game 19 STARTING

Postby Lexxie » Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:44 am

Longturn Game #19:


(in-game map will vary slightly from random generation)

23 hours per turn – first turn 72 hours
Multiplayer-Plus ruleset


Your tribe will find itself on a large and semi-aquatic continent which entirely stretches over a 190x133 world map with 64% land and 36% water. It will feature 60 nations, and average 269 land tiles per player (approx. 16x16 tiles per nation).

The Pangaea continent wraps the entire globe east-to-west. Land warfare will be more prominent. But 36% water on the continent, along with the MP+ ruleset allowing Engineers to more easily dredge swamps to connect bodies of water, will allow for maritime establishment of diplomatic contacts, naval warfare, and amphibious operations.

Players will have room to create a moderately sized kingdom before discovering that the map is rich in geographic features that potentially allow for an interesting dynamic mix between naval and land operations.

About the Multiplayer-Plus+ Ruleset:
The MP+ ruleset is essentially identical to original MP rules, with small corrections to bugs and broken balance. Tech pace was set to equalize rate of discovery throughout all stages of the game. Land units can see +1 tile on mountains. Bugs were fixed for “illegal” actions and bribing/sabotaging of air and missile units. Three “broken” Wonders were re-balanced to be useful again. Air unit “Unreachable exploits” were mildly corrected. Naval movement rates were tuned to take advantage of finer gradations in 2x movement. Infinite movement speed over enemy rails was adjusted to be 3x movement, the same as conventional roads. This last change, along with the first change to tech pace, creates more stable and enjoyable end-game warfare. A detailed summary of the MP+ ruleset will be provided.

Specific Settings:
Game is now Active: 23 hours/turn, 72 hour turn #1.
Turn #2 occurs 3pm Sunday 2019.3.10 PST (Monday midnight 2019.03.11 CET (approx.) )

Ruleset: Freeciv Multiplayer-Plus
Longturn “double moves” for units & tasks help accelerate the pace in the 23 hour format
Trade routes are off and Marco Polo is factored to substitute for extra trade.
Max Players: 60.
Players: Human only. AI only for nations split by Civil War.
Late-join: Players may join on any turn and receive +10 gold per turn they were absent. This makes a roughly equitable start for all nations joining in the first 12 turns or so.
Topology: WrapX (east-west continuity)
Beginning Units: 4 settlers, 4 workers, 2 explorers (ccccwwwwxx)
Special Resource Setting: 350 (standard for longturn multiplayer)
Dispersion: 2. Units of unclaimed nations will be partly stacked and partly isolated.
Revolution Length: 1 (fixed).
Victory Conditions: Single Player or Allied Victory. Space Race = OFF.
Diplomacy: Allowed between Humans for Embassies, Gold trade, Tech trade. City trade=OFF.
Other: Multi-accounting is detectable, forbidden, and will result in being expelled from the game.
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Re: Freeciv-Web Longturn Game 19 STARTING

Postby Corbeau » Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:20 pm

Some more details, please?
Bugs were fixed for “illegal” actions

What does this mean?

Three “broken” Wonders were re-balanced to be useful again.

Which three?

Air unit “Unreachable exploits” were mildly corrected.

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