FCWeb Game 17 started

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FCWeb Game 17 started

Postby zeko » Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:38 pm

This is a traditional game with the multiplayer ruleset. 80 player slots, mapsize 32000 tiles.

https://staging.freecivweb.org/webclien ... multi=true

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Re: FCWeb Game 17 started

Postby Lexxie » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:25 am

Longturn Game #17:
23 hours per turn – first turn 72 hours

General Description:
A huge and unique map will feature up to 80 nations. The map is not classic continental nor oceanic. It was tuned to create a random 'Europoid' map. This game will simulate the ancient tribes in this part of the world, who had no map of it. Your tribe will find itself on a huge continent with large semi-connected seas. It's a large land map where war on land will dominate. But it will feature sea theatres similar to the Mediterranean, Baltic, Caspian, and Black Seas. The majority of the map (63%) is a single mostly connected continent. Nevertheless, there will be key geographic hot zones where land and sea tangle – similar to the Dardanelles of Istanbul, the Suez region, straits of Gibraltar, Danish straits, Persian Gulf. There will be connected sub-seas such as the Adriatic or Black Sea, some smaller lakes, and quite likely a “Great Lake” or two, such as the Caspian Sea. The seas may feature a few uninhabited small islands, with an uncertain chance of some decent sized islands similar to Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus. You may find yourself playing the role of a dominant inland power claiming vast lands, a seafaring nation attempting to monopolize access to strategic waterways for colonial expansion, or both !

The Stone Age tribes of the Ancient World had no prior maps of this vast continental world, only tales of its vast size and
legends of what lies across the seas. In a way, this makes it like a Scenario map simulating the situation in which the ancient
Eurasiatic tribes found themselves.

Players will have ample room to create a moderately sized kingdom before discovering that the map is rich in geographic
features that create an interesting dynamic mix between naval and land operations.

Specific Settings:
Game is now Active: 23 hours/turn, 72 hour turn #1. Turn #2 occurs 2018.10.6 - Saturday, 1pm PST / 10pm CET (approx.)
• Ruleset: Freeciv Multiplayer
• Longturn “double moves” for units & tasks help accelerate the pace in the 23 hour format
• Max Players: 80.
• Players: Human only.
• Late-join: Players may join on any turn and receive +10 gold per turn they were absent. This makes a roughly equitable start
for all nations joining in the first 12 turns or so.
• Map: 32k tiles, 178x178 square, 63% land, 37% water.
• Topology: WrapX (east-west continuity)
• Beginning Units: 3 settlers, 3 workers, 2 explorers (cccwwwxx)
• Special Resource Setting: 350 (moderately high: standard for longturn multiplayer)
• Dispersion: 1. Units of unclaimed nations will be partly stacked and partly isolated.
• Revolution Length: 1 (fixed).
• Victory Conditions: Single Player or Allied Victory. Space Race = OFF.
• Diplomacy: Allowed between Humans for Embassies, Gold trade, Tech trade. City trade=OFF.