"Greatturns" vs "Longturns"

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"Greatturns" vs "Longturns"

Postby Schwartz » Sat May 12, 2018 9:52 am

Two questions for everyone (one an historical question arising from my newness to the community):

1. What exactly were "greatturn" games?

2. For the purposes of establishing semantic clarity between Freeciv-Web and Longturn.org, would it be useful to reintroduce the terminology of "greatturns" for the former and the latter can retain the terminology of "longturns"?

From what I can see, greatturn games were established in 2013 but seem conceptually the same as longturn games, apparently introduced by Polish players in 2003.

Maybe reintroducing the terminology of greatturns for Freeciv-Web is not a useful idea, but I would be curious to hear the community's thoughts about this anyway.


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Re: "Greatturns" vs "Longturns"

Postby XYZ » Sat May 12, 2018 11:09 am

To answer 1: Greatturn games were basically longturn games. I guess the name was chosen to differentiate between the two communities. It was as intense as it was short short-lived. It was a one-man show with the host doing everything until he had enough and quit from one day to the other.

Using the same name for two different things creates confusion. Although there arent any greatturn games anymore the page still exists and would also create a mixup probably.

Maybe create a new name? Megaturn, slowturn, dayturn... :D

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Re: "Greatturns" vs "Longturns"

Postby Corbeau » Sun May 13, 2018 8:54 am

Actually, I still think that "Longturn" is actually a name of the style, meaning one turn per day, so it should be used of revery instance in order for new people to be aware of the system (for example, if you call LT Web something like "Webturn", some of them won't eve be aware that Longturn is basically the same thing).

So *I* call them Longturn.org and Longturn-Web.
* Freeciv LongTurn, a community of one-turn-per-day players and developers
* Longturn blog!
* Longturn Discord server; real-time chatting, discussing, quarrelling, trolling, gaslighting...