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Volunteer for Freeciv-web

Postby louis94 » Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:27 am

Hi all,

Let me present myself first. I'm a long-time Freeciv player, and I've been hanging around on this forum since its revival. I never played online, and I enjoy defeating AIs -- although sometimes they manage to beat me. I'm a physicist in real life (in case you need some maths to be done). I've been learning coding for years just because I enjoy it. I know among others C, C++ and some Javascript. I'm also interested in computer graphics (eg Freeciv map rendering) and application design (presenting information in a compact-yet-understandable way). And I tend to write too long forum posts.

I made some contributions to the native Freeciv (graphics engine and Qt client), and I know how to find my way in the code. I also contributed to the Freeciv-web 3D version when Andreas started it, but soon stopped because Firefox was leaking too much memory, making my computer unusable. The biggest issue I have with contributing to Freeciv & friends is that I don't know what would be an interesting contribution -- my vision of the areas needing improvement just isn't good enough.

So -- I would be glad to help with the new Freeciv-web. I'm not the right guy if you need someone driving development towards his vision, but I can help making ideas real.


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Re: Volunteer for Freeciv-web

Postby Schwartz » Sat Mar 17, 2018 6:29 am

Brother! Your contribution is more than welcomed. We will absolutely need implementers like you. Might you eventually be interested in becoming a maintainer when/if we get Freeciv-Web relaunched?

You're already a member of the New Freeciv-Web server on Discord, which is the home of the Working Group (#working-group channel) that is trying to rebuild/relaunch Freeciv-Web. So, just jump in to the conversation!