two bugs while naming a city

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two bugs while naming a city

Postby drgerg » Sat May 28, 2016 5:05 pm

I think I have two different issues, both occurring while trying to name a newly built city.
First, my nation is Navajo, and the city name of T'iists ooz Ndeesngizh may have some special characters in it. When I build a city and the AI chooses that name for me, and I press enter to accept the city name, I receive an message in the info box, that the city name is unacceptable, something about characters not being ascii.

Second, I have a settler that I haved to the location where I want to build. The turn ends, and I click Turn Done. During the next turn I click on Build City with that settler. The AI displays a name and I want to change it slightly. I am using a left arrow key on the keypad to move the cursor to the position where I want to make changes (this is a chromebook so no mouse). I hear a sound, can't make it out what it means. When I have made the changes to the name of the city, I click the OK button. In the info box, there's a message stating that the settler doesn't have enough moves left to build a city. When I look at the settler, it has moved, and it has the G next to it as if it has been given a Goto command.

Related to this, sometimes I will move a settler or engineer using a keypad command, such as a right arrow. The unit will move, but I am also taken to the government tab the tab after the maps tab.

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Re: two bugs while naming a city

Postby AndreasR » Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:59 pm

I have released a fix for these bugs. Can you please verify that they have been fixed?

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Re: two bugs while naming a city

Postby Arbogast » Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:46 pm

I run into another little glitch renaming a city, not quite as drgerg's problems.
Often I try to rename a city 'X' to "X Port" and I get a message that "X" is an existing city when no such city exists.