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Webperimental ruleset feed back and suggestion thread

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 12:54 pm
by sveinung
Freeciv-web doesn't support Freeciv's bundled rulesets yet. One purpose of the webperimental ruleset is to test and demonstrate Freeciv-web's (limited but growing) ruleset support. Another objective is game balance. It is OK to point out that a Freeciv-web capability isn't demonstrated or that a rule is unbalanced without suggesting how to solve the problem. It would be nice if rule change suggestions describes the problem(s) they are trying to solve.

To avoid confusion: Freeciv-web's webperimental ruleset isn't Freeciv's experimental ruleset. The webperimental ruleset is a copy of fcweb with some rule changes Freeciv-web is able to support. The fcweb ruleset it self is trying to stay as close to Freeciv's classic ruleset as possible without breaking Freeciv-web.

Example 1: Reduce the odds of suitcase nuke to 20% of diplchance. Problems: The Manhattan Project is overpowered. Freeciv-web's "reduce the odds of this action"-capability isn't demonstrated.

Example 2: Allow doing suitcase nuke to any non allied city. Give everyone a casus belli against any player who successfully suitcase nukes someone he wasn't at war with. Problems: The Manhattan Project is underpowered. Freeciv-web's "give everyone, not just the victim, an incident against the actor"-capability isn't demonstrated.

Example 3: Give the intended victim of the actions "Explode Nuclear", "Suitcase Nuke", "Incite City" and "Poison City" a casus belli against the actor player. Problem: It is ridiculous that catching someone trying to steal a tech gives a casus belli while shooting down a nuclear missile shout down or a catching a Spy trying to incite a city or kill its population doesn't.

Re: Webperimental ruleset feed back and suggestion thread

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:41 pm
by sveinung
Trade route rules is an area where webperimental could be different from fcweb. The multiplayer ruleset disables them. The civ2civ3 ruleset forbids domestic trade routes and halves their income. In this Greatturn ruleset debate the user morphles suggests to make them a one time bonus only. (Possible from Freeciv 2.6)

Freeciv-web uses the Freeciv 3.0 development version's server. It supports rules impossible both in the current 2.5 series and in the future 2.6 series. Enter marketplace can be allowed even when establish trade route is possible. The difference in the one time bonus of establish trade route and enter marketplace can be removed. Enter Marketplace could even get a higher one time bonus. (Would you still allow that foreign Caravan to move unmolested inside your borders?)

Marko (cazfi) has done some work on a goods based trade route system. I don't know when it will be done. I don't know if any Freeciv-web work would be required to support it. Maybe an alternative?

Currently possible rules
Units can be allowed to do "Establish Trade Route" and "Enter Marketplace" independently of each other. (Action enablers are found in game.ruleset. See Freeciv's doc/README.actions) Trade revenue (international, intercontinental, international ally) can be adjusted up or down using the trade settings. (Found in game.ruleset)

The following effects can are relevant. Effect are found in effects.ruleset. See Freeciv's doc/README.effects:
  • Max_Trade_Routes - Number of trade routes that city can establish.
  • Trade_Revenue_Bonus - One time trade revenue bonus adjustments.
  • Traderoute_Pct - Trade route revenue for one end of the trade route.