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New Freeciv-web version with long range bombardment and UI change

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:18 am
by sveinung
A new version of Freeciv-web has hit the live server. The "Do... (d)" UI changed in a way that may mess with your muscle memory. The Webperimental ruleset got long range bombardment.

User interface changes:
  • "Do..." can now target any tile, not just the tile where the unit is located. To target a tile press 'd' and click the target tile. Press 'd' again to target the unit's own tile. (Retrain your muscle memory to press 'd' twice rather than once and everything is as it used to be)
  • "Do..." is shown in the menu for all unit types. The list of unit types it should be shown for wasn't updated as more unit types became able to act. This made pressing 'd' to order a unit to perform an action an accidentally hidden feature. Listing it in the menu makes it visible.
  • Pressing escape aborts target tile selection for "Do...", paradrop and airlift.

Rule changes:
  • webperimental: The bombardment ability has been introduced and given to the Howitzer and to the Battleship. They can bombard unit stacks up to 3 tiles away. That is further away than their vision range. (Use scouts.)
  • webperimental: A Leader's death won't wipe out all his cities and units. Some of the defeated Leader's cities turn barbarian. Other cities, together with some of his gold and knowledge (map and tech), goes to his killer.

The change log of the release has more information.