Longturn's LT62 starting in about 3-6 weeks

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Longturn's LT62 starting in about 3-6 weeks

Postby wieder » Sun Mar 28, 2021 4:52 pm

The next LTT based game to be launched after LeagueB1 game. Start date most likely in April or when we have 20-30 players. LTT stands for Longturn Traditional and it's the best multiplayer setup there is for Freeciv.

LT62 will be a perfect game for those players who want to have the traditional longturn experience with a community that has existed for more than 20 years. Our latest game will have it all.

- quick and fair start allowing the first city to grow in 3 turns if you have the perfect location and with less than perfect usually 4-6 turns.
- more viable strategies any other setup can offer
- unit based fair tech trading preventing popularity contests
- new early wonders but also new stuff for all the eras
- mid game rankings!
- realistic early ships needing resources: no more wooden ships travelling 1000 years
- nukes will actually destroy rails and other infra + 3 levels for the SDI defense
- small wonders to make it fair but also new world wonders to reward those who get there first
- real restrictinfra so that your enemies can't use your roads without securing them first
- realistic early wonders meaning that they are cheap but will not last until late game
- no golden path rapture growth
- games have been won with peaceful growth or military conquest strategies - or with some other way
- real air battles meaning that the attacking enemy planes can actually be intercepted
- more expensive late game techs so that even the superpowers can't get all of them in few turns
- new ways to grow, research or fight during the medieval ages
- and of course our great community

Join now at https://longturn.net/game/LT62/

More info from our discord https://discord.gg/GCQ5zhT