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Longturn's LeagueA1 is about to start in 2 days

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2021 8:22 pm
by wieder
Additional League games will be started relatively soon after this one. Longturn has been around for 20 years and this is the latest installment for real longturn games utilizing our pro designed custom setup. The design goal has been making games almost instantly familiar to most people who have been playing the classic games. The idea is making the games fun, competitive and with no absolute golden paths like most of the setups have when played with humans. A1 will be for those who are no that experienced and the game(s) for the more experienced players will be started at a later time.

The purpose is to have games with players at similar levels to each other so that games are more competitive, fair, and fun for both experienced and new players. These games will run in parallel to the regular free for all games.
- Levels will bee based on skill (in-game success) and experience (number of LT games played).
- Initially there will be 2 levels: A (freshmen) and B (juniors). The number of levels will be increased to 3 by adding level C (seniors) or even more as more experienced players sign up for TheLeague.
- There will be no ranking in each level.
- Players who have not played any League games will be initially distributed to appropriate level based on the number of LT games they played since LT30.
- A new game at each level will start soon after the previous game at that level ends. Sometimes a new game may be started at the same level before the current game at that level ends so that new players at that level do not have to wait long for the next game.
- After each game, some of the players will be promoted to the upper level and a few will be demoted to the lower level based on a combination of number of games played, winner status and in-game scores.
- The league will continue indefinitely and gradually number of players eligible to play in the upper leagues will increase.
- New signups will always be welcome and will be assigned an appropriate level based on the number of games they played since LT30 and will join the next round.
- Players do not have to play every round. Each player can play as often as they want. The assigned levels just show the eligibility to play at that level.
- Standard LT ruleset (LTT) (there maybe small tweaks to speed up games).
- Map type: either continental (a large continent and several small islands) or islands (each player starts on an island that are all similar in size)
- Alliance victory with limited alliance size. No space race victory. Occasionally, there can be team games.

Sign up here and you will be assigned a level and added to the next game of that level soon.

Also remember to join our Discord community. We have the most active Freeciv Discord community and very helpful players. If you have ideas about how to improve the games, tell us about it. Your opinion matters!

Here is the Discord invite: