Teamless LT61, continent(s), starting Feb 22nd

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Teamless LT61, continent(s), starting Feb 22nd

Postby wieder » Sun Feb 07, 2021 10:55 pm

This is a game with continents. Or a continent. The ruleset is LTT or longturn traditional. Most of the single player rulesets and have a relatively low start with less things to do in the early game. LTT is tuned for multiplayer. There are not only more start units but faster initial growth but the tech tree was cost adjusted for better multiplayer experience. You can still get gunpowder by T50 (roughly) but the late techs will take more time. With the usual setups the exponential growth makes it possible to get airplanes and missiles by T90 (roughly) by focusing on economy before the industrial revolution.

Now with LTT the economical explosion, so to speak, is much harder before the industrial one. What this basically means is that the players can choose between way more strategies than before. It's not like there wouldn't have been a choice in the past but now there are even more options. Before the games were designed to last 120-150 turns, that time span is now roughly 80-150 turns. Ending the games early is more easy if the rest of the players are simply farming and not attending all the aspects of the empire. And much more. Yet the game remains quite familiar to those who know the old games.

It's not only about adding more units, buildings or stuff to the game. It's about having a game where everything is not balanced to death and where your choice can actually make a difference.