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Game 29 Open to All - Freeciv Web - Join now

Postby HudsonHornet250 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 3:25 pm

New Multiplayer Longturn game at Freeciv-web is open for everyone to join.

Places are filling up fast however don't worry if you are unable to join this game as we plan to start another longturn game in 2-3 weeks. You can receive updates here -

Ruleset: MP2-ag

Players: 25
Tiles pr. player: 275
Map generator: Random (Decided by me due to tie in votes)
Landmass: 50%
Starting units: 3 Settlers, 3 Workers, 2 Explorers, 1 Caravan
Winning conditions: Allied victory possible, Spacerace disabled
Tech leak: 0%
Diplomacy: On

Tax on...
Gold-trade: 0%
Tech-trade: 0%
Tech-steal: 0%
Tech-by conquest: 0%

Real Time Strategy setting - Non-RTS on request (1h/turn/alliance), confirmation required