A mixed team / teamless game LT58 in November

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A mixed team / teamless game LT58 in November

Postby wieder » Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:52 pm


In this game we can have teams of 1-3 players (or even 4 if there are enough players) so you can play both team or teamless. Assuming that you qualify for a team. The teams can have one experienced player and the rest of the players need to be those who have not been playing really effectively.

LT58 will also use fuel for all ancient ships before modern combustion based ones. This is simulate food and resources for the crew and will also make the game about distant bases and colonies if you want to control the oceans. Fuel means that you need to refuel every 6-n turns.

We also have plenty of new patches and stuff to make the game even more interesting for those who want to play it competitively and also for fun.

Some of the new server side settings include:

set unitwaittime_range = 1-5 tiles
set unitwaittime_allied = enabled
set unitwaittime_extended = enabled
set playerwaittime = seconds

The techs also advance in a less rapid way. This means that the units may remain viable for some time.