LT56 - New Sim game open for signups

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LT56 - New Sim game open for signups

Postby Corbeau » Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:35 pm

This will be the third official game to use Sim ruleset, this time using v2.2. A lot of bugs and disbalances have been fixed and final checks are underway. The game is due early September and it is probably the last Sim game to be played using Freeciv 2.5 server.

General information and Sim ruleset guide can be found on its official page (*click*). At this moment the official page is 90% complete, but as the game start time approaches, it will approach 100%. Current 100% full description of the ruleset properties can be found in the corresponding Freeciv forum thread, although in a not very orderly presentation.

The official ruleset manual (contains a Short Summary)

Signup for the game

As with all games, you have to sign up before the game starts! You also must confirm participation a week before the game actually starts (the exact date and at least one reminder will be announced on all channels). This drastically reduces the number of idlers (although, this game is going to have a special system in place for handling idlers).

All discussion about the game will take place on the LongTurn forum's LT56 Sim subforum and on the LongTurn Discord server, #lt56-sim channel.

This game will be played under additional experimental settings compared to LongTurn Traditional ruleset(s):
[*] AI nations will be present in greater number than the number of players
[*] Killstack setting will be disabled, meaning that units will have to be killed one by one, not stack by stack; this is a big change, but some other features are set in order to counter the overpoweredness of srtategies using superstacks; more details soon on the LT forum.
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