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New longturn game at FCW just started, for beginners/newcomers (UR6)

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:58 pm
by vtrq
A new longturn game has just started on

Unrated6. For beginners and newcomers only.
MP2-AG ruleset
30 players
Fractal map with 40% land. A very interesting map with one supercontinent everyone starts on and several uninhabited islands.
Starting units: 3 settlers, 3 workers, 2 explorers, 1 caravan
Winning conditions: Aliied victory possible, spacerace disabled
Tech leak: 25%
Diplomacy: On

5% tax on gold trade, tech trade, tech aquired through stealing and conquest.

There is 10-turn fair start which means that you get more starting gold each turn up to turn 10 to compensate for starting later.

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PS! Game-28 will start soon too, and a team-game is planned in 1-2 months.