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LT50 has started, free spots available

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 5:16 pm
by wieder
We have a new and fres game with the best industry standard ruleset for longturn games. You can now participate playing the legendary award winning game by participating LT50.

Register on the web site and send me a message and I'll assign you a nation.

We have some nice new feratures like submarines and nuclear submarines using fuel, a real an usable but not too powerful great wall + also more units that are not overpowered but will allow you to do some nice taks. The ruleset is the outcome of almost 19 years of evolution for longturn games. We didn't only add new units to the game but more ways to reach for the victory. And yes, space race ending is enabled and a viable option if you don't want to move too many units in the end game!

For the first time we also have the mid game rankings to make the game more interesting for those who may fall before the end. The rankings are score based and will happen - most likely - shortly after the first players get espionage.

Oh... and btw... We also have more expensive late techs so that you can actually use the units before they get obsolteted! There are multiple possible startegies and no golden path for wining the game.

The xmas break will mean that the game will be extended 3*23h for the Christmas time so no problem if you are not able to play! You can also delegate to a fried or a volunteer if you are away.

Re: LT50 has started, free spots available

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2019 7:08 pm
by wieder
It's now T5 on LT50.

We are starting to run low on idler spots but some are still available :)

LT50 is a nice game and it's easy to catch up even if you start late.

We have the best currently running multiplayer game available. 23h turns and no exploits like tech trading and too easy free techs. The map is nice and while not a copy of the real earth, it's reasonably similar to real world. It's about actual continents and actual huge oceans with some smaller islands.

We even have the competitive way for stealing techs and a mid game scoring system. Not a team player and want to play lone wolf? LT50 is the place for you! Here the coalition of eternal newcomers can't beat you if you are good enough. However, you actually need to be good enough :D

You don't want to play the end game but want a compete with the others? No problem! We now have the mid game scoring any player with espionage can trigger!

There is even one (yeah, really 1) hut somewhere! :)