Freeciv-Web Longturn Game #20 STARTING

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Freeciv-Web Longturn Game #20 STARTING

Postby Lexxie » Fri May 10, 2019 8:49 pm

(Re-post: Sorry I posted this in wrong place before)

New Longturn game starting NOW

This is a web game. The link takes you right to it:

Longturn Game #20:

23 hours per turn – first turn 72 hours
Multiplayer-Plus ruleset

General Description:

Your tribe will find itself on a vast continent of 20000 tiles (200x100) world map with 78% land and 22% water (lakes). It will feature 60 nations, and average 260 land tiles per player (approx. 16x16 tiles per nation).

This continent wraps the entire globe east-to-west. Land warfare will be prominent. Players will have room to establish a moderately sized kingdom before coming into hostile or cooperative relations with neighbours.

Specific Settings:
Game is now Active: 23 hours/turn, 72 hour turn #1.
Turn #2 occurs 8pm Sunday 2019.5.12 PST (Monday 5h00 2019.05.12 CET (approx.)

Ruleset: Freeciv Multiplayer-Plus
Longturn “double moves” for units & tasks help accelerate the pace in the 23 hour format
Trade routes are off and Marco Polo is factored to substitute for extra trade.
Max Players: 60.
Players: Human only. AI only for nations split by Civil War.
Late-join: Players may join on any turn and receive +10 gold per turn they were absent. This makes an equitable start for nations joining in the first T12 turns or so. Maximum late-join gold is 700.
Topology: WrapX (east-west continuity)
Map Size: 20 000 tiles / 200x100 tiles / 260 land tiles per player
Generator: “Fully random height'
Beginning Units: 3 settlers, 3 workers, 2 explorers (cccwwwwxx)
Special Resource Setting: 350 special resources per 1000 tiles (standard for longturn multiplayer)
Dispersion: 2. Units of unclaimed nations will be partly stacked and partly isolated.
Revolution Length: 1 (fixed).
Victory Conditions: Single Player or Allied Victory. Space Race = OFF.
Diplomacy: Allowed between Humans for Embassies, Gold trade, Tech trade. City trade=OFF.
Other: Multi-accounting is detectable, forbidden, and will result in being expelled from the game.

Multiplayer manual:
Upgrades in Multiplayer+:

Full settings file can be found here:

Freeciv-web Discord chat community:

Direct link to join the game: