Remember to confirm participation on LT39 and LT40

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Remember to confirm participation on LT39 and LT40

Postby wieder » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:35 pm

You need to confirm participation. Just signing on a game is not enough for playing it. Not everyone has confirmed yet. Maybe not everyone will be actually playing and in that case confirmation is of course not needed. This is just in case that someone didn't know that you need to confirm participation.

Confirming participation(s) can be done on the game pages:

Be sure to login and check that you have a green mark on the "pc" column. For confirming participation you need to click the confirm button on the bottom right of the web page. Do this before the game is about to start. If you have changed your mind and don't want to play, please cancel your confirmation. That can be done on the same page. This will help us to keep the game with as few idlers as possible. No shame in cancelling participation if you have no interest or time to play :)

If you are participating the games on here is another reminder about it. The game is not started automatically but it's done by hand. Once the signups and confirmations are closed the admins will add the players to the players list and then make the final tests for the game. After that the game will be started a bit later. I there are delays a post will be made on the forum. The first turn will be extended 3*23h so that everyone will have a chance to play the first turn.

For games a native client is needed. The games can't be played with a web browser. That means a native Freeciv 2.5.x client for you computer. There are basically two different client types, the GTK client and the Qt client. They have different kinds of user interfaces so you may choose what you like the best. I prefer GTK client since I'm kind of old school but many players prefer the more modern looking Qt client. Also, the latest Qt client allows you to see if someone is sharing vision to someone. No more that easy deceptions when you are sharing vision to an ally :)

From the two games LT40 has experimental features (buildings, units and other stuff) and something may not be working as intended even while the game has been tested before the start. This also means that with all new features the old winning strategies may not work that well and this is new to everyone including me. You may be able to win by figuring the best new strategy no one has found out yet :)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.